compliments and  greetings

It is our pleasure to introduce you to Tadawi Pharma . Which is a fast growing pharmaceutical distribution company based in the hill station at Sana’a which is the capital city of Republic of Yemen.

 Since its inception in 2008,Tadawi Pharma has established its presence across the country in the field of Pharmaceutical products distribution. The focal point for Tadawi Pharma has been high quality products from the leading company of Germany and United States of America.

 We are happy to announce that Tadawi Pharma has very strong financial support and very friendly contacts at Government officials in all ministries to overcome all official works. Needless to say the success of these products in the field of Medical Faculty with our strong field force of well trained, experience and dedicated team of Country managers , Medial Representatives  with a complete Marketing team. To support our basic Marketing team a separate sales team is formed to supply the products to meet the market demand. Tadawi team will spare no efforts in providing professional and high quality medical service.

To facilitate our customers we have expanded our distribution net work across the major cities in the Republic of Yemen including such as Tiaz, Aden, Hodeida, Mukalla and Seiyun with our Head Office in Sana’a. 

We at Tadawi Pharma and our management always endeavours to have dealing with only the best in class suppliers and manufacturers so that avail of quality medications at affordable price. We are committed in achieving the goals and commitment through dedication and ethical business practices. 

We are looking forward for strategic business opportunities and partnerships across for building an everlasting partnership on the foundation of quality products and high class medical service and trust.

Yours Sincerely,

Omer A. Barshaid
General Manager


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